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Born in the city of Casablanca, Youssef ABOUDRAR is of Berber origins. He is a professional self-taught photographer who lives of his passion.

His interest and fascination by photography began since his teens. He expressed his passion for the first time in 2007 as an amateur photographer. His artistic eye was hailed by several photographic themes when strolling through the streets of his hometown and several other Moroccan cities.

Convinced that a picture would be of a better use if shared, he posted his first photos on different groups and forums to get other amateur and professional photographers opinions and impressions.

Shortly afterwards, his talent attracted a wide audience and his pictures received very positive interest. Which fueled his desire into evolving, improving, deepening his knowledge and making photography not only a passion but also a profession. One step at a time, his career has been successfuly started.

Nowadays, after several years of practice and experience, Youssef ABOUDRAR is recognized as a professional photographer who specialises in street photography, portrait, landscape and architectural photography.

The artist has also participated in many exhibitions and has conducted a few workshops:

  • 2014: Exhibition at CARTONS D’ARTISTES at the gallery D’ARTLOUANE at Rabat – Morocco.
  • 2015: Exhibition at the Villa Mandarine at Rabat – Morocco.
  • 2015: Workshop « Matériel Photo : Evolution et Mécanisme » at IGA School at Casablanca – Morocco.