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Photographe Professionnel Casablanca Maroc

Photographe Professionnel Casablanca Maroc

The idea of “Bichklita” had all started with the travels I took around the ancient cities of Morocco. Those journeys I went through made me notice that people’s most used means of transportation are bicycles. Considering the specificities of small cities and their narrow alleys, people opt for bicycles. The latters are advantageous in many aspects; they are the healthiest and the cheapest means of transportation ever; easy to park and maintain and most importantly their use decreases the percentage of road accidents. Another remark I made through my journeys is that Taroudante city can be said to be the capital of bycicles; thousands of bicycles are riden by its inhabitants: men and women, youth and children all around the streets. For them, riding bikes is a way of life. All this together inspired me to create and develop this concept named “Bichklita”.

#Life is like riding a #Bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep #Moving .

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